Die Piggy Piggy Die Die

Saturday, June 24, 2006

To Be Back

Back in my room and trying to settle into the drudgery of ‘my’ place.

Delhi is far away and Bombay has been left behind

Corner of Chinaar and unpacked cartons, confusion and mind numbing heat, career choices waiting to be made hurriedly. Baby, it’s good to be back!

Busy sessions, trying to catch up on lost time, in the middle of letting go of what I have become used to, that which is hard to let go, that that would be best to let go of.

Over reading signs, sometimes under reading them. Being at peace with the unfamiliar, comforting one’s insides by justifying actions unworthy of justifications! Being new to things automatically gives you the prerogative of making mistakes. My most favourite rule.

Babbling psychotically in the ebbing night.

Such is life.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Just Another Post

Bombay is wet and plays hide and seek with my senses as they get drenched in the cold rain outside. Muffassa’s gumboots are out and so is the new found tolerance for annoying Zazu who talks too much with ‘his’ aunt!

My fartisms see me through the last two weeks of interning in adulthood!

Exams test my patience and bloody presentations remain incomplete. Unfinished books rob me of my weekend. Night outs and lies keep me going. Lost umbrellas are the least of my concerns!

New hiding places to call work areas and vast expanses of concrete to call ‘pretty’ view. Ragamuffins and long dinky car queues, I see from the eighteenth.

Though life has been kind these past two months but the excitement of returning to the familiar with new stories to tell just keeps squirming within, and leaves me restless.

The ever ungrateful ‘chick’ within keeps resurfacing time to time and tries to get me down. But she’s not so bad this time around.

[Just for the benefit of the people who care enough(or are just that obsessed! :p) to keep returning to this space, you can actually predict when she is winning, what with the long sob notes that I leave here!]

*Can’t wait to get back home now!*