Die Piggy Piggy Die Die

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Insomniacs Anonymous

Lack of sleep is a lot like drinking.It leads you to believe you have the prerogative of having no inhibitions. And of making no sense, or all the sense in the world!
Lately I have been lost. Lost in translation... you know the feeling when people around you suddenly stop speaking your language and all you are left with is an ugly smile that you break into in the name of being polite.
Music in my room, white lights for a change, and tea boiling away in the kettle. Hiding spaces within small rooms and alarm clock ogling at my face, smirking bashfully at me. I turn, hoping that restless restfulness awaits me on the other wall that I will stare at now.
"Dying behind these tired eyes, I've been losing sleep, Please come to me, Tonight"
-Miracle, The Foo Fighters

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The ‘After a long time’ Feeling:

Sitting in a cottage in the middle of a lazy Sunday afternoon, banalities put on hold for the time being, all the time in the world to read, in the company of my most favourite(st) [sic!] people.

Surreal. Very.

Shots of coffee waiting to be had, conversations waiting to be made.

Current world situation, Lebanon, Gulzar, Smoke, Alistair Mclain, Shakespeare, Mica, Humour, Music, My future, Friends in small places, Pigeons and Mountain tops.

Life. At peace. In Srinagar.

Did I Make Ya?

‘And I read the letter you wrote to me… you don’t have to go.’

D'yer Mak'er" (intended to be pronounced with a British non-rhotic accent as "jah-may-kah")… The name of the song is derived from Jamaica and is a play on words based on the joke, "My wife's on vacation in the West Indies." "Jamaica?" "No, she went of her own accord."

Source: Viva La Wikipedia!