Die Piggy Piggy Die Die

Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's A Good Day

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury!
I have officially become a part of the exclusive 'Team T'. And on this occasion I'd like to thank my mother, my father, my cat ( I know you are watching me from up there!) and all my friends. Jun, I could have done this without you but I'd still like to thank you.
Writing comes unnaturally to me, thanks to the immense need to be cool. But as someone 'almost famous' said-" One day, you will be cool!" And that will be the day I have atleast one anonymous stalker reading my blog regularly!
Days are as good as you want them to be. So I have decided.
Rest later

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Who's My Daddy.

Arjun my dad insists that I learn to write properly. What with typos, grammatical errors and other such sacrileges. Ya, I am from an SEC A1+++++ family who refuses to teach girl children! But, in my defense Arj is a perfectionist who has been writing for professional publications (read magazines which actually are read by more than two people besides me and him!) ever since he stopped pooing in his pants and sucking his thumb (he found better things... oops, no am not supposed to be obsessed about certain things!)
So from now on please bear with extra commas and malapropisms.
Also get used to the fact that I take 384 lines to communicate one idea because I am always uncertain about things and that this is MY blog. BOOOO.
Today I applied to Trinetra, the 'film appreciation' club at MICA which also arranges parties.
And what a brilliant application I wrote! About other things, I am busy brooding about the fact that ever since MICA interview calls have come out, all people except me are getting phonecalls from unknown people, super enthusiastic about what to do, what not to do at their interviews. Phew!
Am listening to sappy old hindi songs after like some 4 million years but its all coming back to me. Its funny how my schizophrenia keeps acting up when it comes to music. U oops sorry, you... you... YOU (fine Arj boy breathe I say!) know the feeling when you absolutely must hear a particular song and you can't potty till you have heard it... that is besides the point that I can't potty at many other occasions( I have a feeling I am going to be single for a long time!)
Now I shall go contribute to my other cool(er) blog and I promise this is going to get more boring soon enough when I start pmsing and get suicidal depressed and whine.
Tata then to all the boys.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The First

So then when it is 6 in the evening and you can't figure out more ways to waste your freaking time, you create a blog account because if everyone else is doing it so why can't we!
Lots of stories are worth sharing and I can't think of the end to this clever line.

We can start by telling you about moi!
Well myself madam Sana Ally presenting to you myself in all the glory ... *yuck*
No, but I am Sana and I shall bore you to death with this inane piece of literature that is my blog.
Rest of uselessness in the posts to follow.
Buh bye.