Die Piggy Piggy Die Die

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Color Blue!

In Bombay and very blue. Started internship this week and have been laughing hysterically at my luck, I guess that is the side effect of working the entire, I repeat, THE ENTIRE FRIKKIN WEEK.Just in case you missed the point, worked Saturday and Sunday and obviously the 5 days before that like an animal that also means your backside. Confused the shit out of all the co workers in my first week itself! But I kind of like what I am doing.
Firsts are all very memorable. Oooh! Memories in my head, that pull my facial muscles to force a smile(awwe, how sweet am I!) *puke!*
On another first, (all the people who read this would already know how great my adventures at Dubai were) I want to go back to Dubai soooooooo much. But like all firsts I know it's not going to be even half as much fun the next time.That is the deal with such girliness, feel depressed afterwards!
And as an afterthought, meeting with my best friend's ex-girlfriend when the best friend, his new girlfriend and I are out to Leopold's to have a good time isnt the most comfortable situation you'd want to find yourself in! *ouch*
Rest later when I am more awake.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Of Home And Some

(31st march)

So back home and already the elitist bitch misses faster internet speeds and laptop keyboards. But for good reasons too, just wrote more than half a page of PMS notes which got lost in the middle of faulty Sify connections.

But the brilliance didn’t, so little (hehehehe) modest me shall write some more!

Saw ‘Crash’ today with Anant. Had one of those ‘best friend’ night outs. Dinner and movie. Yay!

Walked out of a Chinese restaurant, was a tad bit expensive. Ya ok! So we are cheap but we have done many more embarrassing things together to be affected by this!

Now here’s the thing.

Felt a bit off this time around, realizing that I was no longer a part of the mad rush. I was an observer watching from a distance. Flyovers I don’t recognize, buildings I saw for the first time, mended roads, potholes for diversions, the works.

My city is no longer mine. I feel it distinctly.

Got lost on way to Green Park, didn’t remember how to get there at all. Now its true I have a memory that will make a gold fish proud of his but still. I mean Green Park! I felt so shitty after this that I drank like a whole bucket of cappuccino at this fancy place in yes, Green Park. They have 3 sizes for their cappuccino there, the bucket (which is nowhere close to the small they call it!), big bucket, and the ‘shake till you die after drinking that much caffeine’ size.

(3rd April)

Early morning (read 11-30 in the afternoon!)

Subjecting myself to my farthouse syndrome where I think I sound all deep and profound but end up sounding corny!

Haven’t been able to meet my stick child for 2 days now. (And the stick child tag is my way of getting back at you Anant for just being the way you are. So stop sulking. That is my job!)

I do not know why but this was the first time after being away, I felt that I belong more to another place and felt guilty about it. And scared that if I get back here later, things would be so different. I acknowledge that things can’t be the same. They should not be. But isn’t ‘holding on’ only human.

On the brighter side, friends here are the same. They still sleep in 7 minutes, they still throw stones and still like other people! And some still remember to buy the jersey you asked them for so long back you don’t remember it yourself. And the ‘I have been away for so long, please make me feel special’ expression still doesn’t work! So I go now to pay my friend for the goddamn jersey (Damn you Lasso!)