Die Piggy Piggy Die Die

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Trip

A trip to Ahmedabad in the middle of summer for ‘work’ is not my idea of finding answers to questions that rattle in my head generally but that’s what happened this past week.

But I am not going to bore you guys (ya there are multiple readers of this blog, yippee!) by some whiny pms notes. Instead what I will do is write about the super cool time I spent staring at the dingy walls of the shady hotel I was put up in and whose walls I so wanted to bring down in an agitated fit of boredom that I suffered every single hour of the minute there.

Went back to MICA after a month and a half to just see if it missed me while I was away! And was it fun, can’t wait to get back and put those lil kiddos in their places, the mice you see are a little too happy while the cat is away, loooooooosers.

* grinds teeth and punches air *

By the way, if you are to ever go as ‘madam from Bambai’ to a small, dilapidated cow dung smelling village in Gujarat, be prepared to be followed by runny nosed, giggly little children who would clap at the sight of your car and continue following you till you get tired of walking but not of their enthusiasm!

So that was that, the aunt and cousin are back and their jet lag wears off just like Muffassa’s affection for Zazu. Ya, life can be just that cruel!

On yet another schizophrenic tangent, I believe other’s flippancy does distort your vision of rosy pink happy but it puts things in perspective and brings you back on ground to where you actually belong and where you were in the first place.

To more vagueness. And better ‘trips’ in future.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ahem! Mr Fartsmith

All of a sudden, I am quite ‘grinny’ these days!
Though work keeps getting more and more of a drab (well I am just saying that to sound all dilberty coz Dilbert is rather nice I say.), I still manage to have a life thanks to dear friends who have taken it upon themselves to show me around their city.
I have been reminded (by more people than one by the by), that I haven’t updated my ‘web-log’ in a long time,so I shall elaborate why. (Please do take note sweethearts that this post is going to be strictly in a Brit-ish accent, oblimey, pertaining to the fact that I am quite a bit of an arse! NICE!)

Oh ruddy, got over that rather quick me ladies, back to normal now.

So here goes why.

Every time I would listen to someone going “Oh Bombay this and oh Bombay that”, I would yawn at the person’s face with ‘There she goes’ playing in my head.
But you see, Bombay is one of those cities, that just grows on you with time and whatever you may think, once you come here, on the condition that you are in the company of friends who know the city, you are bound to get taken in by the many, many things this place tempts you with, just like the excited aunt who bribes her little Mufassa, forcing him to upgrade her status to the much coveted Zazu! Yay, we are gay! And in order to come up with the rather exhaustive list given below, you can say I have been busy.

· Chilly ice cream, chilly ice cream and chillier ice cream at Bachelor’s juice place near Chowpatty.
· Cheese Mysore masala dosa on the roadside below Express Towers
· Aarey Mango lassy again near Express Towers, but it tastes just the same on the million other small shacks you would find this all over Bombay. And once you are forced to have it after lunch everyday, you do develop a taste for it.
· Train ride from Andheri to Grant road and Sion to V.T. (unfortunately much to my chagrin, you can’t do Sion to Grant road ;) )
· Leopold’s on a Saturday when the entire world decides to come to the same place (refer to previous posts for clarity on this!).
· Mondy’s. Okay so this place is called Mondegar’s and till I had actually gone to this place I thought it was so stupid and wannabe to call it Mondy’s but you can see ‘things have changed’.
· Colaba Causeway to get rockstar wristbands, almost as good as Zara boxers, and the long lane for nice conversations
· Marine Drive… on a hot sunny day, under the miserly tree’s shade where you shouldn’t actually sit but anything to extend that lunch break, lassi finishes too fast you see.
· Theomabromas where you get the nicest desserts ever and God help you if you love chocolate.
· Ga(y)teway of India where you would be pimped by your own biyaatch, so beware.
· Bus number 108 which comes once in 28 hours, well not that long actually but it’s the company of the likes of Jun that makes it seem that way!
· Pollyesther on a Wednesday night or Sunday is fine too!
· Oxford bookstore with its cha bar, cha and orange rocking chairs.

It is no truer that a place is the people. And Bombay proves it most beautifully.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

To Orange Juice Shots

Mr Mahajan gets shot by his brother and Mumbai gets jammed. Not fair.
Just like looking for Mudran Kamnagar and Press colony for half an hour right in the middle of noon only to find out that they are the same place. Blistered toes was not my idea of internship. But on the brighter side, I am learning... (to puke maybe!).

Had the most awesome sandwiches (thanks Lyn!) for lunch while being audience to gully football in some park with children (if 12 year olds with beards count as 'children'... *mean*) who would not talk without jeweling their sentences with ch!@# , mad!@## etc etc. And returned home at five. Yeah!

Could have been partying tonight but for the overcautious demeanor that I inherited from the Ally genes! Dammit.

A lot keeps happening around here and sleepless nights are what I am left with.Hallelujah!

There has been a lot of pressure from people to update blog however 'fake' it may be!(This is just to tell you that I have new readers...* celebrations * )

And one last thing, office place is not the best place to do wasteful things like updating personal blogs! I feel like a mouse living on the edge, so tata before the cat comes a visiting.